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Wolid Farms

After a successful foray into the shipping industry, we branched out into the agricultural sector and launched Wolid International Farming in 2016. Located in the western part of Nigeria, in Oshogbo to be precise, Wolid International Farming specializes in the exportation cocoa, a widely sought-after raw material for the production of chocolate, cocoa powder which is an ingredient used in many foodstuff and cocoa butter. Before the oil boom, Nigeria was the biggest exporter of cocoa in Africa and ranked amongst the top exporters in the world. By harnessing the opportunities available in the exportation of cocoa, we believe Wolid International can contribute significantly to growing the industry and meeting the rising demand.

Wolid International also specializes in the exportation of cashew. The demand for cashew, locally and globally, has continued to grow. This has been stimulated by the growing export potential of cashew, its rapidly increasing demand as a snack and for its nutritional value, among others. Not only is the cashew seed eaten by many, cashew nut oil is now being increasingly used for domestic purposes.

Our goal is to expand our operations, over the next decade, into the exportation of other products and commodities as demand for them continues to rise.

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